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How it all started…..

I accepted my weight at one point, I thought maybe losing weight wasn’t for everybody. I always set goals of where I wanted to be but I never really got there. It really sounded good that I wanted to lose 10 or 20 pounds before carnival or before the summer was over, but I never really started or stuck with it. If you really knew me you would know I’m one of the top laziest people if there ever was a list. You would think 4 years of JROTC would knock that out of me, but it didn’t.

I would never forget one day in June 2015 I stepped on the scale and it said 294lb, I had a lot of mixed emotions at that point. I always told myself even if I don’t get smaller I wasn’t going any bigger. I was comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time in my skin, at times I loved the way I looked and other times not so much. No one really influenced my desire to change myself, I wasn’t bullied or made fun of (probably talked about a little behind my back, but that’t the norm in my generation at least)  and I wasn’t so unhappy with my body or wished I had someone else’s. I loved myself and my body the way it was but it was just time for an upgrade.

My big journey didn’t start until later on that year though, throughout that whole summer I didn’t workout  but I did cut out soda and try to monitor what I ate as well. When November came around I decided I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t like being out of breath when I walked to much or not being able to find clothes that fit or even wear clothes that I liked cause I knew they wouldn’t look right. There’s nothing wrong with being plus size, especially with the fashionable clothes that there coming out wit, it just wasn’t the look I wanted for myself anymore.

My birthday was a week away and I knew as much as I clicked my heels together the weight wasn’t just going to fall off. So that day I decided to start, stop putting it off and just start. When I got on the scale I was shocked my starting weight was 263lb on November 9. I knew for myself I hadn’t lifted a finger all summer but really keeping away from soda and watching what I ate really helped. From that day I stated going hard in the gym at least 2-3 times a week. It went from just being a workout to being a lifestyle, I loved working out now and seeing myself finally losing weight and truing into a totally different person motivated me to keep going and also showed me what I really want to do in life. But that’s a story for another time…….



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